Saturday, April 30, 2011

Characters: William

William is Miss
 Simian's snitch. He
 spies on his
 classmates and only
 ever speaks when
 whispering into Miss
 Simian's ear.

Characters: Leslie

Leslie is a delicate,
 gentle flower-boy who
 plays the flute in the
 school band.

Characters: Juke

Juke the ghetto-
blaster is a foreign
 exchange student.
 Nobody understands
 a word he says
 because he only
 speaks in "beatbox."

Characters: Teri

Teri is always worried
 about being sick. She
 spends most of her
 time at the nurse's

Characters: Carrie

Carrie is a depressed,
 deadbeat ghost. Like
 most emo kids, she
 enjoys being

Characters: Bobert

Bobert is a true robot-
dork. He is by far the
 smartest kid in class
 and is Miss Simian's
 teacher's pet.

Characters: Ocho

Ocho is a small but
 tough 8-bit spider.
 He's a nice guy, as
 long as you stay on
 his good side.